Sydney's Two Year Birthday Bash!!!

Can you believe it!?!?!  Two whole years!

Mobility!  My first set of wheels!

I can feel the freedom already!

Speaking of freedom, Caitlyn is crawling more and more!

She may be walking soon.  She's stalking already!

A little R&R at the Morris Pool and Spa makes for a nice Birthday!

My sister models a new bathing suit with the inflatable tomato motif.

Strike a pose...

All we need is a poolside bar and a cabana boy....

Toys, toys and some more toys.

Speaking of toys, there's more to unwrap at Party #2!

My very own non-oriental rug!  It's a city map for all of my vehicles to play on.

And, of course, the hit of the party...  Anything having to do with Little Einsteins!

Caitlyn gets to play with the old toys while I unwrap!

Hey, wait!  That's a new toy!

Nana talks about the fine art of shopping.

My very own cart complete with products! 

No strap for the baby though.  Who designs these carts?

Problem solved, baby IN the cart.

Daddy says "Some Assembly Required" means bad things may happen.

Product Testing 101 (there were no spare parts, right Daddy?)

Future Gold Medalist at work.  The warm-ups.

By the time we're old enough, there may be synchronized trampoline events!

And we'll win!

Who made these rules about blow out the candles THEN eat the cake?

The highlight of Caitlyn's evening.

Happy Birthday to me...