Sydney at Two!

As I continue to grow, there seem to always be new things to do and explore.  Some Momma calls
"icky" or Daddy says "ewww" but they're all new to me.

July 4th 2006

I'm discovering my new talents as a drummer.  We have a bigger one
at Gymboree's Music class that I take every week!

Rock'n'Roll, here I come!

 I like pina coladas...  And walks in the rain...

 Rain makes me happy!

 I can do the rain dance.

 Or run in the rain!  (At least when Momma's not looking!) (8/06)

It's a long road ahead of me.  But I've got Monkey....

Sometimes a girl just has to go places....

And sometimes Momma comes too!

A long, strange trip it's been....

Where-oh-where-oh-where is Momma?

Is she in the tree???

She's not out there!  That's Daddy!!!  (9/29/06)

Sometimes a good nap the a teddy bear is all you need.
Gotta be tucked in just right!

Everyone wants a piece of the bear!

O so pretty.  O so pretty.

The Drama Queen poses for her fans!