Little Ol' Me

One of the nicest things about being a baby is that I get to play around whenever I want, and everyone insists that it is cute!
Now I think that the cute part is more because of me instead of what I happen to be doing.

They say that I'm 1-week old now, although only Momma and Daddy get to eat cake. 
But I am making eye contact now, whatever that means!

Either way, look, here I am lounging on a pillow and everyone thinks it's great!

See, it's just me.  I'm cute!

At two weeks old, amazingly enough, I'm still cute!  This must be a permanent thing!  I'm a bit more opinionated though.

I have been getting dressed for church.  Well, ok, Momma dressed me.  Either way, it's pretty tiring!

I am three weeks old now.  And I'm pretty sure there's no stopping me.  Still cute, and counting!