Little Ol' Me -- One to Two Months

I'm actually a month old now!  It's hard to imagine how difficult this stuff all is!

According to some book that Momma is reading, when I'm sleeping I am "reorganizing my life"!

I will try to remember that later.  Especially because Daddy thinks that there
should be a lot of reorganizing on weekends.

I have discovered that my little dog Plopper is very soft!

Momma and Daddy have enjoyed posing me.  I feel so used.

I'm over six weeks old now!  I think I am growing up quite nicely, but I still don't fit in Momma and Daddy's bed very well!

Although it is comfortable!  Especially when Daddy snuggles with me.

I am discovering more toys too!  Momma makes sure they are all REAL soft!

I am also finding that I can't hide from Daddy, even when I try!

At two month's old, I'm growing up fast.   But it sure seems a slow process to me!

Yes, Daddy still insists that I'm attractive....  Go figure.

After how many weeks does one cease to be a novelty?  Dad STILL takes my picture!

But, I'm smiling now though!

I am 10 weeks old now, and I think I'm growing into the big bed!

I wake up here like a natural.  It shall be mine....

Getting older and growing bigger really takes a LOT of energy! 
Sometimes it's too much and I have to take a break!