Three to Six Months Old!

Every day I am getting older and becoming more mature. 
I have no idea what that all means, but it sounds important!

I am smiling more these days, because I'm learning all these happy things!  Everyone keeps smiling at me too!

The thing I can't figure out is why nobody else drools when they smile.  Their mouths are open too.  Hmmm...

Daddy hopes that I will learn computers like him.  But I notice that he always puts me in front of Momma's computer and not his!

Tech Support is pretty sloppy.

There are new toys to play with too!  It won't hold still though, I think Momma and Daddy did this to torture me!
It plays music and runs away.

And, I have a piano!  Look out Mozart, here I come!

Despite the extra drool, Momma says that I'm much more interactive now. 
I think that means that I wear myself out more and sleep through the night!

I am starting to lift my head a lot now!  And rolling too.  But Momma doesn't like it when I roll out of her lap!

Momma and Daddy think that I'm going to keep my blue eyes!  They'll match my Daddy's!

Momma wants me to sleep in the big bed.  Daddy says no.  Sometimes I get to anyway!

At four months old, I'm starting to do more things.  There are all sorts of activities I get to play in! 
New toys show up too! 

And I actually grab for them too! 

Then we went on a Hay Ride!  I thought it was scratchy.  Momma and Daddy seemed to like it though!

I must really be maturing fast!  Momma says I get to eat REAL food now!
It doesn't look anything like the colorful foods that Momma and Daddy eat though. 
Maybe I just can't taste color yet.

Momma and Daddy are into posing me.  Daddy says I don't follow simple directions.
Momma says that is an indication of things to come. 
I honestly don't know what she's talking about!

The hat is the same one that Momma wore.

The blanket was made by Great Grandmother Briggs before I was born.

I think she would be as happy as I am to see how cute I am!

I have actually come to like the rice cereal.  I am starting to eat more like Momma and Daddy!
Today (10-17-04) for lunch I ONLY had the real food.   Momma was surprised!

I like to assist!

I even try to feed myself!  I'm not very coordinated yet though.

But I have a good time!   ;)

And then there's applesauce!

I'm starting to eat more foods!  The bananas are better than the applesauce was.
Daddy says he can't figure out why fruits come before vegetables.  He says it's no wonder nobody eats veggies.

I just like to eat them.  And wear them!

Daddy says these are natural skin moisturizers.  Whatever that means.

Momma says this is future blackmail.  I'm sure I will regret this sometime!

Some things don't change with age!  At 5 months, it's just different food.  Same pose! 

I do try to relax more now that I'm older.

Even when I sleep, I still like to keep my toys handy.

I'm supposed to take morning and afternoon naps.  I can't help it if I'd rather play! 

Sometimes I play Peek-A-Boo with myself!

I'm not sure what Wildcats are, but I'm a big fan!

In fact, I'm not even sure what a fan is.  But Momma says I am one!  I'm sure that's good!

Now that I'm getting bigger, I can reach for more toys!  Daddy says we will have to make things more difficult.
As if being this cute isn't difficult enough.  Sheesh....

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen....

I can stand a long time, but can't walk yet.  Is this what Martha Stewart feels like?