6 Months to 1 Year Old

As I'm growing up, I get to see more things, go more places and do more stuff!
Daddy says it's all about experience.  Whatever that means....

I got to go on plane trips!

I did pretty well all in all.  But Daddy put us all in "First Class" because he says it's all about me!
I think there were other perks he liked too.

Sometimes I would get fussy.  But usually when we weren't moving fast enough!

But we went to Dallas for my first plane trip to spend a weekend with Daddy, and meet my Great Aunt Gail (and Uncle Bruce, Nicholas, Brian too)!
I went on another plane trip to Colorado Springs about a week later.

It was pretty, but chillier than Dallas was!

Here I am modeling my Michelin-Woman snowsuit.  It was still pretty cold, but I was toasty!
We saw some frozen waterfalls.

I saw snow for the first time too!  It was strange.  I tried to eat it.  Momma wouldn't let me.

I have a Boppy Seat to help me sit up more.  It has toys with it!

Daddy says that I'm cuter every day.

I keep telling him that I am the same level of 'cute' I've always been.
He just doesn't understand.

I get used to one set of toys, and Momma says there is LOTS that come at Christmas time.
She mumbles something about spending inheritance too, but I don't know what that means.

Bath time is getting to be a little easier.  I'm sitting like a big girl.

Well, mostly anyway!  I have toys now!

I have my doggies...  I have my little chair....

Daddy says I'm his little Baby Uber-Geek!  At least that's what the outfit says.

I'm a big girl.  I'm 7 months old now!  I'm starting to stand up more!

There has to be something to hang onto!  Daddy says I am "balance-challenged" whatever that means.

Sometimes I just get a craving for TupperWare!

Momma says she did when she was a baby too!

I'm seven months old and doing more dragging around.  But I'm learning to pull up on things!

Locomotion is hard work!

At mealtimes, sometimes I get to play while Momma and Daddy eat!

It's hard to tell unless you look really close...  but there's water in my tray.  And beads of it ALL over my face!

I'm about eight months old now.  But I still like to play with the bubbles!

Sometimes I catch them.  But not for long.

I'm getting better and better about pulling up on stuff!  Whatever happens to be handy!

Daddy IS pretty handy.

I know I've had these presents for a while, but I'm starting to play with them all more now!

I haven't figured all of them out yet.  They must need fixin'. 
Daddy calls it "percussive maintenance".

Hey!  That's ME in the mirror!

I'm getting to be a big girl now!  I can stand up on this!  And it plays music I can dance to!

Daddy won't hold still....

He's humming "duh-dum  duh-dum", and saying something about a shark?

Daddy likes this stuff.   I don't get it.

Maybe it's how I'm holding the bottle?

What's "osmosis"?

Who?  Me?  I'm not going anywhere.

I thought I heard "fortissimo"!

I'm starting to eat food with "substance" now!

Sometimes it takes the whole hand to get one in!

Or two.

At 11 months:  Watch out Mozart, here I come!

Oh!  Hi!

Mashed potatoes are a food that already has some of the fun taken out. 
What's left to mash?

Dare to be different.  Spoons don't come with instructions.

See?  All gone!   Fu Man Chu is only wearing a little....

Daddy was Version 1.0

I am the new and improved model!