Florida Vacation!!!

At the end of April, on Daddy's birthday, I got to go on a vacation!
Don't let my easy-going attitude fool you, it's a rough life being a kid these days!

We went with Nana and Grandpa down to Ft. Meyer's Beach, FL

Daddy and I are preparing to lounge.

This water thing is actually pretty cool!

When you clap, water can go up your nose.  I gotta watch out for that.

Who says swimming is hard?

I >AM< the center of attention!

This is a lot more water than I get in my high-chair.

Grandpa is holding the movie star.

I got balls to play with!

We took walks on the beach too!  I still don't know why people say this is hard work.

I got to touch the ocean.  It was noisy.

Momma said it was a little cold, so we didn't stay in very long.

Back to the pool where I can play with the balls!  Daddy's teaching me to throw them!

He says I don't throw very well.  I keep losing them.

Then I got a float!  Now this is the way things should be!

I can move!!!

Momma who?  I'm busy.

Where'd they go?

Daddy's in playing with me too!  We should share with Momma!

Nana is trying to keep up with the balls.  They move fast!

I'm not ready for a nap yet!

I'm stylin' with Nana and Grandpa!

Momma is saying something about 'Vogue'

"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it"

Where's the pool?

Relaxing with Momma and Daddy...

Bonus Section:

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