My First Real Bath

Today I got to take my first bath.
Not that I have been really dirty up to this point, Momma and Daddy do take care of me.
But a sponge bath (in case you wonder, it's really just a washcloth, but they call it something more 'uppity')...
Anyway, a sponge bath is completely different. 

Now, real live water is all around me!  Momma thought I was supposed to scream during this.
I surprised her!  I didn't scream until they took me out. 

(The bath was nice and warm.  The rug and towel were not.)

I got my hair washed and everything!  I hope next time I can play with more toys though!

I took a second bath today (July 16th), and still did fine!  I got to show off my stylish bathrobe too!