My First Easter!

My first Easter Egg was made of Jello!  It feels weird.

Kinda tasty though!

"Clean" was not part of the agreement.

Easter was quite the festive occasion!  I got to see everyone!

We first visited Daddy's family!

Grandpa got to hold me while Grandma made funny faces!

Back home, I got to open some Easter presents!

The bunny gave me eggs!  Do bunnies lay eggs?

Momma says I'm not supposed to crush them.  They were "filler".

They make noise when you bang them together!

Next we drove up to see Great Grandma Rabe (Momma's grandma), and I have more eggs!
Nobody seems to care if I play with these.

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere!

Everyone's laughing when I pull the big stuff out.  But there's a LOT of this green, krinkly stuff that is REALLY fun!

And of course, there's Kleenex.  Soft.  Chewy.  Not too hard on the gums.

Momma thinks I watch the dogs too much.  I think of it like being efficient.  I only have two hands after all.

What?  We get to go see Great Uncle Mike???

I want to go THAT way!