It's Halloween time, and all sorts of fun for little ghouls to play!

Before Halloween rolled around, I got to try my outfit on and play in the daylight!

I make a fashion statement and have accessories too!

I'm working on my scary face, but it's hard not to smile!

Next time I get my own candy bag!  I know Momma and Daddy have it already, they're just hiding it from me!

Halloween Is Here!!!

I get to have LOTS of fun and see people in funny costumes!  I got my own bag too!

I am discovering that I can reach (and push) my little pumpkin friend!

I keep trying to push and see what happens, but Momma is faster than that!  Daddy was ready for action shots though!

If you can't beat 'em, stick 'em in your mouth.  I'm sure that's how it goes....

I even get to pose with my cousins!  We had lots of fun!  But they get the candy.  No fair.

Jacob is the dinosaur. Joshua is Spiderman.  I'm the cute little ghost!  Momma is the prop.

Look at the sign.  Can you see why I'm confused???