Sydney's Outdoor Life

Now that I'm older, I'm starting to experience life a bit more.
I let Momma and Daddy think they are calling the shots still,
but I make sure that what we do is to my liking!

While not my first snow experience, this was my first sled ride!

We had to make sure I was situated.

Check, check and double-check.  Let's get on with the ride already!

Look Momma!  We have motion!

Just like Mazda.   Zoom, Zoom.

I wonder what "momentum" means...


It means Momma doesn't come with you down the hill!


Daddy says I have "inertia".

I have gathered snow.  How did that happen?

I know what you are thinking.  Stop that.

Is the ride over?

Ok.  What is it?

It's different.  Makes me chilled.

What am I supposed to do with it?

I can pick it apart!  Now there are mini-snowballs.

Sometimes I don't know my own strength.

Just think.  Three weeks ago there was snow!

Big bubble!

Where'd it go?

Which one should I catch?

There are "things" around. 

Momma, baby, and what's left of the "thing."

I have another "thing", and Momma gave me a flower too!

Vhat ahhhr you doingk?

There must be more stuff to find out here!

Another beautiful day and I'm lounging around!  We went to the park today and saw all sorts of kites!

New park.  New place.  New stuff to find!

How fast can I move?

New things!  Momma says "flower", Daddy says "weed".

A star must remain in the shade!  No harsh sun rays!

Momma and Daddy couldn't find the wind that other people's kites did.  But we had fun anyway!

The park is fun!

I'm stylin'

Please.  No autographs today.