My First Photo Shoot

No.  Really...  These other things have just been snippets of my life.

I feel like I have my own Reality Show, even though it's all so new to me. 
(You are watching, aren't you???)

Today we went to a photo studio for a free sitting.  They wouldn't let Daddy take pictures there too.
I guess the cameras have their own territory.

I slept through most of it, but Mommy says there were some good pictures!  We'll see them later.

When we came home, Momma and Daddy wanted to take some pictures since they
bothered to really dress me up.  They went out of their way to
make noise and irritate me so my eyes would be open.

I just wanted to lay back down...

Perhaps I'll try singing.  Daddy still took pictures.

I need to learn to spell "Paparazzi".

July 7, 2004