Fort Myers Beach Vacation 2006!!!

We liked Ft. Myer's Beach last year, so I got to bring Caitlyn along with me this year!

Nana and Papa came with us again!  We had lots of fun!

Momma shows off my sister Caitlyn with the latest in fashion beachwear!

After an afternoon of rain, there are lots of big puddles still on the beach!

Sand Dollars are neat looking!  Momma said I can't keep them.

The water feels good!  I can walk out really far!

Caitlyn gets to see the Gulf for the first time.

Momma is mentioning something about "shark bait".

Time to go back to the pool.  Water, water, everywhere.

Caitlyn likes playing in the pool.  She is chasing balls around on one of the steps.

She doesn't throw as well as I do, but she's learning!

I have experience!

Daddy's girls having a pool party.

I want THAT one!

Our little frog friend that we found in the pool.

I didn't want to pet him though.  He was funny looking.

Jump.  Jump.  Go away.

Caitlyn was enjoying the time with Nana and Papa.  There was bouncing involved!

We went on a boat ride.  I'm not sure it was big enough for both of us.

Caitlyn is learning to have fun in the water. 
She likes taking a bath, this is just bigger.

See!  Big fun!

The throwing skills need help.  The catching skills are just strange.

Awwwww...  Caitlyn's not used to the paparazzi known as Daddy.

I'm scouting my targets.

Caitlyn sits down for a little educational reading.

On Tuesday Daddy took Caitlyn out for a boat ride.  She brought toys.

Toys to share with Momma.

I have some of my own toys.  Served to me on a plate.  The Simple Life!

My targets won't stop moving!


Nana is teaching me the finer points of Pool LaCrosse.

The boat came back.  With Caitlyn.

I'm not sure what she's doing.  It's not like Caitlyn can count yet!

We went on a boat ride together again on Tuesday. 
I'm still not sure the boat is big enough, but we had fun!

Come sail away.  Come sail away.  Come sail away with me.

All this vacationing takes lots of energy.  My sister didn't even have enough
energy to remove both socks!

On Wednesday, Caitlyn got to walk in the Gulf again.  She seems to like it!
At least until the water comes up to her shorts!

She got to walk with both Momma and Daddy this morning.

I think she was looking for fish.

Back in the pool, Daddy says she's working on the Bobbing for Water Bombs prize!

I think she won.

Everyone accuses me of doing things to get in trouble, but look at Caitlyn wandering
down the wall towards the deep end of the pool!  Sheesh!

It's ok though, Papa is there to rescue her.  Look at me playing quietly in the background.

Hey!  The whale fights back!

I haven't learned to aim this yet, but Nana is saying something about a water pistol.
I'll have to figure out what that is.  It sounds like fun!

Caitlyn was upset.  I can kiss her and make things better.  Momma does!

See!  She looks happy.  Well, ok.  Happier anyway.

Daddy has a bug.  A baby dragonfly.

I have the urge to touch it, but Daddy says no.

On Thursday, Caitlyn is working on her Betty Grable pose!

It's not working very well.  But she's having fun!

The day was a little gloomy, but we managed to play a lot today!

Underneath all that water, Caitlyn is exercising her inertia skills.

If she could talk, Caitlyn would be asking me "How you doin'?"

Splashing Papa is lots of fun too!

Caitlyn is practicing her swimming techniques with Papa.

Daddy is taking Caitlyn out for a float.

Perhaps with an impending toss or two!

Yup!  I knew it!

Friday rolls around, and it's our last day to play in the pool!
It was a beautiful day too!  Caitlyn was crawling around on the pool stairs.

And walking around where she wasn't supposed to!  Nana was there to help though!

The Photo Shoot.

It's hard working with so many divas!

This trip was Caitlyn's first commercial airplane ride! 
She's been on Grandpa-Air before.  But Delta is different!

When we got back to Cincinnati, we stopped by Great Grandma's condo to say hi!
And we ate lunch.  Caitlyn had a plate and so did I.  I'm just hiding.

Then Caitlyn didn't believe that I ate all my grapes.  Momma had to "intervene".
(whatever that means)

I got to see Aunt Gail and Uncle Bruce again!  This was the first time that
Caitlyn saw them.  She was shy.

Of course, I wasn't!  Well...  Ok...  maybe a little.  Or maybe most of the time.
But we had a picture, so it's all good!

We both liked to play with Great Grandma's footstool!

And we're back home now.  Vacation is over.
Momma says we're working on kisses.