Out of all the holidays, Daddy says I will like this one the best!

Everybody seems excited to get me all dressed up though!  All this planning, and I'll be
a whole extra month old by the time it gets here.

I got to meet Santa Clause early!

Daddy said I'm going to like that guy a LOT!

It's starting to be time for the Holidays!  I have a whole Holiday Wardrobe to make things festive!

All these things wrapped up in krinkly-paper...  I'm not supposed to touch yet.

Daddy says I don't have Twelve Days worth of outfits for Christmas.  Momma threatens to buy more.

Paper and Boxes.  Let me go!!!

Ho Ho Ho.

I can hand out presents!

Uh Oh....

I can't read!

They're probably all mine anyway!

Really.  Wanna bet?

It's the old Baby-In-A-Stocking trick.

Momma says I will not be hung from the chimney with care.

I'm getting ready for Christmas!  Momma says there's only one more day to go,
then I get to open boxes and tear paper and stuff!

I thought Frosty had a 'button nose'.  Hmmmm....

Christmas is Here!!!!

It's time to finally open all these presents and destroy all that pretty
paper that has been tempting me for the last few weeks!


Can I start?  Can I?  Huh?  Huh?

What do you mean "family pictures"???

Nana and Grandpa Briggs

Momma and Daddy

Now THAT'S better!

Things are much more complete now. 

Now where are the presents???

Wrong direction.  They are behind me!

I can see them.  We're getting warmer!

Why are you pulling that away?  I'm just getting started!

Who was this from?  It tastes good!

Yes, Yes.  I'm happy.  Paper please.

That's the big one!  What's in there?  Plastic is not as tasty as paper.

Ah yes.  The rough life....

Does Gerber make peeled grapes?

More tasty paper!

Noisy things!  Nana's House?